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Welcome to Kular College of Nursing

Nursing is a healthcare profession that functions in tune with the other health care agencies. The role of the nurse includes assuming the lead in preserving nursing practice and demonstrating its contribution to the health care of our nation. Nurses of tomorrow, therefore, need to become critical thinkers, client advocates, clinical decision makers and client educators within a broad spectrum of health care services.

            The success of the hospital and the doctors depends upon the competence of nursing staff. The need for training competent and caring nurses is the moral duty of all organizations engaged in imparting nursing education. To help in achieving this goal, the management of Kular Hospital, a leading multi speciality hospital, serving the area for the last ten years has formed an educational society under the name and style of Kular Medical Education and Research Society.

            Kular School of Nursing as a first step has been started by this society to impart international level education to the nursing students through theoretical and practical training. This was followed by the Establishment by the Kular College of Nursing-A Unit in Memoriam of Dr. Kiran Kular, M.D. Gynae.

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