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Dr Rajinder Kaur, PhD Nursing, MSC Nursing PGI, Chandigarh

We are living in the times of endless opportunities. Times, when options are innumerable but choices are difficult. Times, where pristine young minds are coerced to choose the popular and established paths of being relevant in the society. Instead of promoting the trail blazer minds, youngsters are made to follow the lines. Such times always set a constant for human ingenuity and social advancement. A few people choose to set things simple with untangled interests. People who conceived and promoted the idea of nursing education at Kular, are the noble minds with selfless interests. Such selfless interests are needed everywhere to save the future from falling into degenerative backslide.

Life is to give and serve. With this principle in mind, nursing profession is promoted by the Kular Mangement. Students are given training and teaching here, so as to make them stand apart. Subtleties of professional training and a kind attitude towards the suffering people, are some of the countless values and virtues that nursing students are made to imbibe. There is nothing more achievable than to shape young minds to be sensitive, caring, kind and capable of dealing the difficulties with dignity. I congratulate the management at Kular for the initiative to resolve the aporia of business interests and social welfare.

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