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1. Nursing Foundation Lab:

Nursing Foundation lab, 3000 sq.feet is

fully equipped with the modern facilities

and all the requirements are as per the

INC norms, inventory in the lab contains

latest technology dummies with electronic

appliances attached to B.P monitor

cardiac monitors etc. lab settings is

excellent which gives a look similar to the

hospital settings. There is CPR manikin

and I/V line arm.


2. Anatomy and physiology Lab:

Anatomy and physiology lab 1500 sq feet

contain articulated and disarticulated

skeletons different types of models like

digestive system, kidneys and heart etc in

the sufficient quantity. Functional eye,

dental care, joints and teeth model and

charts related to different systems are

present in the lab.



3. Microbiology Lab:

Microbiology lab,1500 sq. feet consists of

latest technology microscopes in the

required quantity different solutions used

in preparing slides like methylene blue,

ZN stain etc. Students are taught how to

make slides for different tests and about

the investigations that are conducted in

the hospital like hb testing, blood grouping.



4. Nutrition Lab:

Nutrition lab 1500 sq. feet build up in such

a way that it gives a feeling of a homely

kitchen. It contains all the necessities

according to INC norms like the refrigerator,

microwave toaster, JMG and all the inventory

of the latest style required for cooking and

serving is available. Students get an

opportunity to learn and prepare the different

types of beverages, diets for different age

groups and in accordance with the patient’s

needs and disease conditions.


5. Computer Lab:

Computer lab,1500 sq feet is equipped with

LCD, PC’s along with the latest technology

processors and accessories. Every student

gets the opportunity to learn how to operate

it. Internet facility is also available in order to

keep the knowledge of the students updated

and to search the topics related to studies.



6. Community Lab:

Community lab,1500 sq. feet contains the

entire inventory as per INC like community

bags containing different articles in it,

delivery kit. Settings of the lab is similar to

village settings.



7.MCH and Paediatric Lab:

MCH and Paediatric lab  1500 sq, feet

comprises contains the delivery table,

manikins hospital beds, models like stages of

labor and development of embryo midwifery

kits, different types of chart and toys

according to the development of the child.

This lab has labor simulator also.

8. A.V Aids Lab:

A.V Aids lab,1500 sq .feet has all the

modern electronic teachings aids like LCD

projectors, OHP’s, TV with DVD player,

stereo, CD’ s related to different topics and

procedures, charts and transparencies of

different subjects.

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